Want your story to connect

with your audience? Get the

"Essential Guide to Start

Telling Your Story"

Want your story to connect

with your audience? Get the

"Essential Guide to Start

Telling Your Story"

Take Back Your Life Workshop

Leverage your unique value to live your best life

For growth-minded entrepreneurs and

purpose-driven service providers.

Look for the next workshop in fall 2023

Interactive Workshop

Recording Available

Limited Enrollment

If you want to go big, stop living small.

Great resignation. Quiet quitting. Wanting to be treated like a human.

Small business owners want more out of life.

Individuals are no longer willing to settle.

Traditional goal-setting methods are not for everyone.

Why are you still trying to fit in a box?

Leave the former version of you in the rear view mirror.

Don't look back. You're not going that way.

What gets in the way of your success?

  • Goal setting doesn't motivate you. It's easy to fall behind.

  • Resolutions set you up to fail before you start.

  • One-size-fits-all productivity planners don't work for you.

  • Competitive programs make you feel stress, guilt and shame.

  • Your daily schedule sucks the life out of you.

  • Limiting beliefs hold you back from becoming more.

  • Boredom has set in with the rinse-and-repeat life you've built.

You know you were made for more.

You want to make a difference.

In your relationships

In your community 

In your family

In how you spend your time

In your focus

In your health

In your work

In how you look back at your life

You can live a bigger life.

When I started my business I did what I knew. I followed the “success” script I was given. 

My business was growing, but it wasn’t enough. I played the entrepreneur game…but it felt like I was wearing someone else’s clothes.

I wasn't willing to settle. I set out to change that and discovered a new way of thinking about how to define success. 

Instead of looking at what the world was telling me, I looked in the mirror. 

I peeled back the layers to find the light that had been covered by clouds so long ago.

I set out on a journey to integrate myself into my life, my relationships, and my work.

What happened?

I haven’t looked back. Not for a minute.

We all have potential.

I want to help you get closer to reaching it. 

It’s not how good you are now.

It’s how great you are going to be. 

Take Back Your Life Workshop

For growth-minded entrepreneurs and

purpose-driven service providers.

Here's What You Get!

  • Discover how to move forward with what's holding you back

  • Identify your hurdles so you can get out of your own way

  • Make decisions based on your values and unique abilities

  • Tips and hacks based on science-based research

  • Protect your energy so you have enough left to give others

  • Increase your awareness of your best way to work

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Take Back Your life Workshop

What's Inside?

The Tools

  • Identifying Saboteurs In Your Way

  • Imagining Your Future Story

  • Lifestyle Design Tips & Tricks

  • Prioritizing Yourself

  • Building Your Personal Brand of Integrity

  • Productivity by Another Name

  • Your Wiring Is Electric

  • The Purpose Question

The Experience

  • Interactive 2-Hour Virtual Workshop

  • Recorded Session for Playback Available

  • Playbook & Checklists

  • Limited Enrollment

  • Black Friday Pricing thru November 28

On Your Way to a Positive Outlook for the New Year










Take Back Your Life is not your normal goal-setting workshop. It's a new way to think about how to live the life that you want." -Jarod, Health/Wellness Business Consultant


It's Unbelievable How Much I'm Giving Away

This is the blueprint that started my next level growth

Special Pricing Available

Here's the Truth

You are the one who has to live out your story.

If what you are doing isn't working...

Doing the same thing won't get

you different results.

Run towards the person you

were created to be.

Grab the reins and Take Back Your Life.

It’s Decision Time

take back your life workshop

Start 2023 with a new approach.

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